Visionary Session


Visionary Session


Are you a yoga teacher, movement therapist or energy healer wanting to  serve your clients on a deeper level? Are you feeling overwhelmed about what the next steps are? Have you hit a standstill with the creative process that inspires your work?

If you are looking to access greater clarity and confidence within yourself a 1:1 Visionary session can be a potent way to jumpstart your creative process and gain insight into what is keeping you from feeling guided and aligned. 

This session invites you to peer into your inner landscape and gently notice what may be obscuring a clearer vision for you. This time is for you to connect inward and integrate what your body knows to be true with how you want to move through your life and contribute to the greater context of the world around you.

Together we will identify where you feel blocked, address concerns that may arise as you shape your intention, connect in with the wisdom of your heart and open the space for personal insight to guide and amplify your creative process, while reclaiming the power behind the vision you have for yousrself. 

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Recent Testimonials:

"She is a direct line to source, and her elegant delivery of the wisdom waiting to be bestowed on you is enchanting and mesmerizing. She has a true gift, a divine connection, and a real priestess presence. I've never felt so held, encouraged, and perfectly understanding of my experiences. I can't recommend Andrea highly enough!" - Robin Lee founder of The Babe Collective

"Andrea combines her deeply insightful wisdom and her keen intuition and caring heart to provide a reading that is immensely powerful, helpful and healing as she balances the right amount of information and process. Anyone who wants a new way to look at what they've known for a long time will benefit tremendously." - Gisele, Executive Coach

"Andrea is a gifted and wise healer. During our session together, she eloquently revealed what my heart and mind needed to hear. I felt safe and held in her presence and wisdom. I trusted her words as I could feel them resonate in my body. After our session I felt calm and peaceful. Give yourself the gift of her readings, she is a real gem." - Deborah, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Fertile Ground NYC