"I have been having monthly Reiki sessions with Andrea for over a year. After the first session I decided that I needed to set aside time each month in my busy schedule for a session. Andrea creates such a space of healing, support and nurturing. The sessions help me to feel renewed ona very deep level. I now not only set aside the time for the session, but I leave the rest of my day free for me. This allows me to be quiet and absorb and let the healing energy permeate my being. I have found that these sessions refurbish and polish my sprit allowing me to transform old patterns, make much needed changes and to heal on a deep level." Jan Yoga Teacher, Animal Health and Wellness Coach

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REIKI is a Japanese healing technique that expands the capacity for your body and mind to reestablish balance. In these sessions Andrea provides a compassionate space for you to feel held, nurtured and supported. This gentle, yet powerful form of hands on healing will relax your mind and reconnect you to your own clear wellspring of energy, positivity and vitality.

Andrea is a Certified Reiki Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing and Akashic Records Practitioner. She offers spirit gatherings and healing sessions for individuals, couples and small groups.

To schedule an appointment or for questions about her services please Contact Andrea

Sessions are available in your home or @twistedtrunkyoga & @minkabrooklyn