Reaching for the Light

Artwork:  @dariahlazatova

My Dear,

Believe you are the source of all your own becoming. Anyone who tells you different is not truthful with you. 

This year on Summer Solstice take the time to bask in the light that is yours.

Undeniably yours. 

Celebrate your coming into the light. All the work thus far has been to support this emergence. All shades of the rainbow inside you. Your wisdom center radiates the place of the one who knows. 

Come to recognize the wise woman who sits on her throne inside your heart. 

This is not about having power over. This is about sourcing your power and prosperity from within. 

Trust that the path ahead. Even when the smaller thoughts plague your mind, remember that everything is designed to help get you to where you are going. All obstacles on your path illuminate a place in you that is ready to give birth to something the world so desperately needs. And you are, by the way, it's only source. 

 This summer solstice see the likeness in you that is in the daytime flowers and the nighttime moon. See yourself - your Light as it is in all things. 

If you were to gaze at the sun would you judge its size or its brightness. Most likely not. In this case, celebrate your light, reach for it, bathe in it. 

Bask in the glory of what you know now for you have searched high and low for this reclamation of Self. 

You are Beauty itself. Savor it. 

Relish in the delight of who you are. Even in your so-called imperfections radiates a likeness to all things.

A light so pure it will never exist again as it does so now in you.