Step away from the situation. Take a birds eye view of what you feel.

Feelings are powerful but they are not everything in any given situation.

The context and history to certain matters are now having an effect and they are playing out in ways you could’ve never anticipated.

Your guidance for today is to be with the elements.

Breathe-in, Breathe-out

Go out, be in nature

Ride the waves of your mind and let them wash through you and from you.

Give way to a new pattern of being. Give generously

Let everyone be themselves and understand that you have grown.

We accommodate this change by grieving and expanding.

It is very hard to remain small when you know just how large and full of life you are.

You have experienced that tug of war within yourself

You have opened into a new version of yourself

All that was hindering you before has shown up as the way out.

The comfort and familiarity of staying small in any relationship is now obsolete.

Honor that gigantic shift within yourself. You have room now within yourself to see more clearly, to know the way, to see the spark of creative joy.

It is not up to you to measure whether anyone else grows and it is entirely up to you to honor what is needed from within you.

Let go of your expectations for how things should be and let yourself honor in you what the more is.