Butterfly Wisdom


Look within my dear.

Look deeply.

The answers are always there.


The time that it takes to travel outside of oneself is much more laborious and long than the journey inward to the shores of your wisdom.

Take the time

Make the time

To listen

and you will learn that everything you seek

calls to you from within

It is all already there inside of you

You have enough compassion to water the drought of the world with your tears

Your smile shines across the globe like a new born sun

The stars reflect back to you your own known mystery in a language decoded through Silence

The translation is clear

You are the one

You are the one

You are the one

You’ve been searching for.


The Movement of Peace


I believe in the values of love and compassion
I believe in taking the very precious time for introspection
I believe that we all break apart and come together again, 
just as the sub atomic particles in nature do
I believe in pattern recognition and seeing that the need to heal is very much an inward process of also acknowledging the the complexity of the outward journey towards understanding, reconciliation and peace

It is no longer enough to heal oneself, to think of oneself as an island off the coast of humanity
We must begin to heal the collective
In order to do this we must not so much look at the other and place blame, but instead examine and expose, with precision, the prevalent forces of perception that breed fear, violence and systemic incongruence, in other words the forces of the mind that keep us feeling separate and keep us from recognizing we are all one, 
We are all part of the same living breathing organism - we call it life - life happens though us
How can we be agents of change for the better?

We are life’s agents for change
We must begin to embody those changes
On a day to day basis, in our every day exchanges and interactions from within ourselves to others

The movement of peace starts from within your heart, it can begin no other place.