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Source Unknown


What a brutal facade protects on the surface masks a deeper frailty underneath. Bullies are a dying breed.

To ask of you to have compassion for brutal forces may seem like an impossible task, but the time and the asking of you will come. What is marked on the outside as “other” is a reflection of the healing needed on the inside. You must and you will find the courage to stand in your heart for what is free. Your conviction will encourage compassion. And as you look your demons in the eyes you will notice a tear is shed, just to the side. 

It is a time for you to grow. In the face of adversity your armor always will be the symbol of your soul bearing grace form your heart. Mourn not your personal losses, but of the common loss of innocence. 

It is precisely these moments of destruction that deliver who you are, define who you will become and reveal who you will serve. Invite your heart to speak for you. What is hopeful is also rugged. 

The energy forming around you is there as if to carry you all the way down stream on an adventure you may not have initially chosen for yourself. Part of the lesson here is to let go and pay attention. Unpredictability is the form of Grace reminding you of the bigger mystery, the cosmic order of things. Sometimes there is nothing to prepare you for the phases to come. 

Having a central practice to keep you grounded and focused is essential. In times of great change you must own your center, acknowledge when your wounds are speaking for you and authorize a new voice to be heard. 

Listen to your heart. This takes commitment. This voice is there for you. It is small and it is loud. She speaks volumes of wisdom, but comes only when you fully respect her truest desire. There is a flame, a spark, a fire in you anew that can be seen by nightfall. When all others have returned home you will have chosen to stay. initiated into the folds of what you needed to hear. By the fireside of your transformation the wise one will rise, whispering to you about the journey ahead. Only you will know the unfolding, an essential seed, and like a star she will make you shine.

. . .

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Many Moons

Artwork by Chow Hon Lam

Artwork by Chow Hon Lam

“…with an open palm she began to listen, and when it all started to happen

she said yes.”

. . .

A new leaf has turned. There is no teacher, other than you, for where you are headed. With only an inner compass to guide you, do you now walk the path that has been laid at your feet. 

Your words listen to themselves as the echo resounds through the tunnel of change. You are the scribe that deems the terms and conditions of your heart. A new work is in progress, and on its way.

For this phase of the waxing moon it is important for you to recognize the pacing that has come into play for progress. There is much excitement that comes with the New Year. A new plan with new ideas pulls you forward. And while this is what we have all wanted it is also necessary to honor the phases of you that have come and gone. Blessing each one with a sense of gratitude. 

As you move forward it is wise to consider how to optimize these past experiences into new forms of energy for the next steps ahead. The duty of this time, the substance that holds it all together, is your commitment. Though you may feel vulnerable in the beginning, the position you take within your heart is the crucial ingredient for success. 

Gently remember how you have gotten stuck in the past, how a certain frame of mind set limits to what you thought was possible. Bring a soothing light to those situations/relationships and let them go with forgiveness. The effort you will need now is to shift less optimal patterns for newly identified roles that in the end will benefit you and serve the desired outcome. Supporting you at the level of your highest gifts.

Trust the process. Trust your-Self.

Sometimes when we are still making the transition we can miss the value of nuance. Notice the details that capture your imagination within the phases less familiar (or unknown) to you. Instead of dismissing your courage, move from what is all too familiar towards your own newborn state of curiosity.

When moving into the next forthcoming dimension of ourselves we must be willing, to some degree, to shed the rigidity of our pre-conceived ideas and travel the distance of what we do not (already) know.

In this way we innocently become our own truest ally and most dear companion. Loving ourselves through the missteps while cheering ourselves on as we bravely take the next step into the slightly varied and newly invigorated unknown.




As you Open

you feel your body ascend

there is a natural light that pours through you

keep this light aflame

for all may need it now

to see

more than ever


There are celebrations on the way and so there should be. Take the time now in these next few weeks to connect with those you love. The dear ones that you keep close to your heart. Remember the joy and delight that rests at the core of you.

 Though you feel immensely drawn to sincerely solving the world’s problems through every means  available to you, there is a time for that and a time for recouping your perspective.

Touch into the warm fluidity of compassion and grace, allow the lightness to flow from you. For when we are able to breathe a little deeper we console others by simply giving our presence and resolving the search for connection and forgiveness. 

This is a time of reconciliation. Above all an integration of the ways in which the forces of light and dark co-mingle within you. It is a time for self-discovery and deep learning. You are laying down the stones for a new path. One by one, slowly and with patience. 

There is a faint newness about you. One in which you understand and one that is true beyond what you have known. Follow the way of your heart with delicacy and precision. Allow this time of transformation to turn from within you. Anchor into the real knowing of your body with sweetness and care. Welcome with an open palm this new energy coming in.

Collectively there is a re-prioritizing going on. A re-ordering of the human imagination. This is happening on both the physical level and on the level of spiritual understanding. In other words there is a longing present within the human mind. A divine discontent leading the upheaval in various states of consciousness.  What is needed now is a steady, strong voice of centering and belief from within, one that embodies both logical navigation and energetic alignment.

There is no rulebook as it pertains to us in the universe, even though we hope at every turn there will be one. The universe is random - powerful - yet random. We make our choices and we do not have command over their outcome. Not everything is up to us. We don't always have the ability to determine what the ultimate value of a particular experience is, was or might be. In a very clever way life presents us with these gaps in knowing and invites us to see our separateness as the birthplace for interconnection. 

It is precisely here in these spaces of (mis)understanding where creativity dwells and calls upon us. It is in this gap of knowing where the seat of the world is made.

It is here, in the silence and noise of our lives, where we recognize ourselves as the authors of this world awakened. In these delicate moments of perception we begin to see our selves more for who we really are. In our most vulnerable moments, tender like dew turning to ice, is when creation's inception is present. There is a kind of accuracy too. The heart Opens. And we willingly place ourselves upon the subtle untouched beginning.

When we clear the debris of what we think should be and move into the space of what IS we harness the power of what needs to happen. We become relevant to the flow of life that will carry us into the next stages of growth, understanding and compassion.

Calm. Steady. Clear. Intention. This is the direction you are headed. 

Close your eyes. Hear the sound of your beating heart. This is how a new world begins. In the dark fluid consciousness aware of its own becoming. 

One breath at a time My Dear.

Honor the delicate unfolding that is You right now in this moment.







☾MOON WISDOM November 7th 2016☾

My sweet child, in the ecstasy of your inner-knowing you are wise and brimming. 

Even if the whole world has gone mad it is crucial that you remain centered and connected to the rhythm of your heart. Meditation, prayer and ritual to keep you grounded is key for you at this time. It is especially vital, even when everyone is grabbing for your attention, that you stay tethered to the root of your spirit.


Stay close to the heartbeat
Stay close to the heartbeat
Stay close to the heartbeat

For many generations this connection with the Mother has frayed. It has atrophied because the human heart has suffered. Values, deep, core, inner, rhythmic values, have been forgotten and misunderstood. Seeing the natural world has altered itself within the collective mind. And many have lost their way. 

The aspects of greed that you see are due to blindness. These are sheer and debilitating consequences. Those who thirst for power over earth’s resources have lost the ability to see our world. They even misconstrue the beauty within themselves. A void lays there instead, no pain can touch it. 

The root cause of this kind of this ignorance is a wounded mind, a soul forgotten. This disconnection from earth's eternal rhythms causes the fray. It is these eternal rhythms that govern survival and wellbeing. These natural laws communicate waves of information and tend to us through our own subtle yet clear remembrance. 

Remember this: When true guidance is forsaken deprivation permits itself. The communal light is no longer known in the body of a selfish mind. 

Your goal now is to re-establish equilibrium. To renew a fertile connection with the light. To shine this light where there is cause to, and a necessary request for, the return of basic sanity and restore the undeniable lifeline to the sole essence of human spirit.

You become this shift in human consciousness when you inspire those around you. Reassure them with your warmth, touch them with your truth.

Cast your prayers now. Cast your
light. Ignite a flame. Stand for what is bright and boldly within you. Stand for what your heart believes in.

Be Strong

Have Heart

Hold your Ground

Like the buffalo your ancestry are standing with you. 

Send the wild wind of your courage into the face of disbelief and you will move mountains.


Moon Wisdom


 🌙 Moon Wisdom for October 10th, 2016 🌙

Half Moon, Half Light

At a still point you judge and you wait. You listen and look, you weigh the pros and cons.

Hold the space for energy to build, you are filled with a new vision, excitement abounds.

Follow your heart-centered wish. Fulfillment is yours but watch your tendency to be swept away by the freshness of this passion. 

Remember your ground.

We are halfway through this cycle and it is exactly at midpoint we must remain steady and focus on what we want so that we carry this creativity towards its full form.

You are still ripening. Stay in this rhythm.

Know that harmony glistens in the shape of you when wisdom is present.

Listen to the beat of your heart. What is your body is telling you?

Immerse yourself in the new found freedom of your joy. Carry this seed of knowledge close to your heart until it unfurls form within. Gentle, unassuming and filled with secrets. 

This time around you will turn the new leaf you've been searching for. It is a significant time of growth for you.

Remember: what emerges from within you is a desire in part of all awareness to become conscious.

Nurture this growth. Be witness to the process. Listen and look. Follow the flow.

The full moon is calling.

Wisdom for the Crescent Moon




“If one completes the journey to one’s own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else.” - Thomas Keating -


From the darkness of two veils, on either side, the light parts the way ahead.

From here you walk alone into a room all your own.

The pathway is illuminated. Your birth rite is bestowed, no longer hidden.

 You are revealed. This crescent moon.


With the blessing of newly uncovered gifts you recognize the many heartfelt decisions you have made to move into this place of new understanding.

You may be feeling like some loose ends need to be tied up. This is natural when we are in transition.

Give yourself time, walk the line of your process and discover yourself along the way. This is the beauty of transformation, each step you take crafts your journey ahead.

Softly lay down what is behind you. Acknowledge how all the ways of love are lifting you higher to show you the view of a new way. This has been a long time coming. Stay true to what you know, for your heart is the architect of your world.

Be kind to yourself in moments of doubt. The past is past, feelings are powerful but they cannot derail you without your permission. Feelings are great teachers and can guide you to a more enriched experience if you let them.

Be with the foresight you have to let the flow of change carry you forward. There is an immense flow carrying you forward and it is urging you to be more yourself than ever before. Listen and look within these details. You know this rhythm well.

Take time to bathe in this young light of the crescent moon. Its light is faint and precious. Enough for the eye to see the presence of your newly born perceptions.

Insight has a beginning place here. At this time it can feel as if our hearts hang in the balance between past and present, keep choosing the You you want to become, allow for that yearning to have resonance in the world.

Be with your thoughts, motivations and intentions. Meditate, journal, go walking in nature, connect with your surroundings and others in pleasurable ways. In this young new light of you, voice yourself in silent prayer.

What will be moved forward from within you will also be the force that guides you forward. 

There is not much effort needed at this time only a willingness to pay attention to the subtleties at play. Remember there is something so very gratifying in the space of silence.

For the week ahead take sufficient time to nurture yourself. Slow down and notice how you move through this world. Revel in the sweetness of good company, friends and loved ones. Take hot baths, drink teas, make delicious soups, warm yourself with the spices of Autumn: ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. Find delight in the season of turning inward. 

Listen in to the whisperings of your heart, witness the part of you that longs for deep connection. Honor your vulnerability, cradle these tender moments of awakening while harnessing your creative talents with attention and delicacy.

 Weave the balance between inner /\ outer realms. It is time for integration. Observe the relationship you have with your-Self and see through the lens of reflection. Learning from all of our partnerships to see the other as mirror, as teacher.