Reaching for the Light

Artwork:  @dariahlazatova

My Dear,

Believe you are the source of all your own becoming. Anyone who tells you different is not truthful with you. 

This year on Summer Solstice take the time to bask in the light that is yours.

Undeniably yours. 

Celebrate your coming into the light. All the work thus far has been to support this emergence. All shades of the rainbow inside you. Your wisdom center radiates the place of the one who knows. 

Come to recognize the wise woman who sits on her throne inside your heart. 

This is not about having power over. This is about sourcing your power and prosperity from within. 

Trust that the path ahead. Even when the smaller thoughts plague your mind, remember that everything is designed to help get you to where you are going. All obstacles on your path illuminate a place in you that is ready to give birth to something the world so desperately needs. And you are, by the way, it's only source. 

 This summer solstice see the likeness in you that is in the daytime flowers and the nighttime moon. See yourself - your Light as it is in all things. 

If you were to gaze at the sun would you judge its size or its brightness. Most likely not. In this case, celebrate your light, reach for it, bathe in it. 

Bask in the glory of what you know now for you have searched high and low for this reclamation of Self. 

You are Beauty itself. Savor it. 

Relish in the delight of who you are. Even in your so-called imperfections radiates a likeness to all things.

A light so pure it will never exist again as it does so now in you.

Topsy Turvy

When we take the time to simply be in the moment, without rejecting our fears or omitting difficulty, we grow our capacity for tumultuous times. ⠀

Even when there is doubt or confusion we can come to see through the lesser truths with great clarity. We can navigate the external variables of change with more precision and sharpen the needle of our internal compass. ⠀

Life is at times an uncomfortable journey. Obstacles and self-doubt present an invitation to grow and to learn what self-confidence and balance feel like when operating between our inner and outer world. ⠀

What drives your action? How do you move through experiences that touch and test the tender parts of you? Are you staying present for what's happening? What is motivating your interaction - fear or self-love?⠀

Take the time to remember what you wanted - the part of you that wanted to come into this world. The part of you that continues to birth herself anew. The part of you that grows through conflict. The part of you that understands.⠀

Steep in the deep waters that churn while learning how to nurture yourself - it is a delicate unfolding. Walk through your mind, notice the quality of thought, acknowledge the chatter, choose space, allow what is essential to reach you. Walk with the grace that holds you.⠀

Your soul has taken many steps to be here now. Every breath offers us a renewed sense of our choices. We have access to understanding any time we make the journey home inside ourselves. Practice going to and dwelling in the place of your most authentic self. Be honest. See yourself as you are. Be kind. Receive her.⠀

How do you choose to arrive at the threshold of your truth? What daily practices bring you back to the precipice of wonder and rediscovery within yourself? Notice: what keeps you from following your inner guidance? 

Try not to deny any part of yourself while remaining open to others. Let them show you who they are. This is how we grow and become wise. We listen. We center. We observe. We connect. We learn how to stay with the process. We learn how to love again despite our wounds.

Even amidst uncertainty we can find and choose clarity. Come back to the where there is ease and you will gain your perspective. Navigate the power of yourself to know what is true. When we are honest with ourselves about what we want we can cross over any terrain of doubt with unwavering presence. ⠀

A Phoenix Rising

Artist: Unknown

Artist: Unknown


Lightning flashes down through the center turning you into a mound of feathers.⠀
Like the Phoenix, you rise out of your own ashes. A force of insight. New and found.⠀
This momentum carries you into the next phase. You are transformed. You are witness. You are broken open, again.

You are the guardian to your own unfolding⠀


With this eclipse season there is a lot of energy opening and closing. A thousand cycles per day exchanging preference with perspective. There are choices to be made. Everything is available yet nothing is given. You must choose. The action you take will state everything.

In a small window of time you are being asked to look directly inside yourself and align with the highest directives of your heart. As you move forward you want to feel connected to what is true for you. This is a time of re-evaluating your priorities and sitting with what Is.

Letting go of past hopes is, right now, a steady means for maturing the movement towards your aspirations, those that call to you from inside. There is urgency around this phase of growth and a regenerative quality to this expansion. All of it pressurized by the solar eclipse.

The future is opening a portal on the past unveiling a gateway for you. A new direction is being offered. All you have to do is choose it. Move ahead with the least amount of attachment to the outcome. Notice tendencies that arise around old suffering. Patterns like these can keep you feeling stuck, in pain and disempowered simply because they are no longer relevant.

Amidst this transition come important questions around what it means to be in relationship with what you want. The invitation here is to feel your own radical self-acceptance. This is a time of alignment. The future you are building is always a reflection of the choices you are making now. You are piercing through illusion and holding ground for something more withstanding.

Be gentle with yourself. Create the space to see yourself. Hold what is dear. Contemplate the directions available. Honor all the feelings. Tether yourself to a daily practice. Commit to your deepest heart.

Stunning Recognition

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

When the world is spinning, come back to yourself, bathe in the deep light, the reservoir of eternal knowing, call upon your wisdom and allow the flow of spirit to touch you. Know that all is not lost, that this is just the beginning of a stunning recognition.⠀

We are the vessels for the divine to enact it's vision. We are the channels for the message to get through. Thats why we must remember the way and practice surrender. Give way, let go, let god. When we create spaciousness within we unfold the possibility for grand perspective and co-evolution.

We are, each of us, an anchor for consciousness to land, expanding thought into the world around us. We must learn to feel it in our bodies, that co-creative hum in our belly and our hearts, to awaken the understanding of what the third eye sees. Becoming the lens through which the divine can be seen, an intricacy of connection, exquisite and available at all times.⠀

When we suffer from the overwhelm of the world it's time to journey beneath and face our projections. Any force we recognize as demonic outside is a symptom of the lost and humbling collective consciousness. Without becoming a martyr choose to make space, stretch time and notice how the flow of conscious breath guides you into knowing better. ⠀

In the meantime, work on relinquishing what causes disease, release harsh judgements and unhelpful belief patterns, allow the flow state to move through you. Patterns serve you greatly once we recognize what they are for and can let them go. Perhaps it's time to soften, breathe and let the old skin shed. May you listen well, love deeply and remember your path forward.

Moon of the Violet Flame: Listening to the Soul by Design

Image: Moonlight Girl by Marta Orlowska 

Image: Moonlight Girl by Marta Orlowska 


Moon of the Violet Flame: Listening to the Soul by Design


We each have a path to travel. Every soul delicately shaped by the vibrant flame that ignites into Being. And though the how and the why may seem concealed to us, life simply continues to nudge us in the direction of consciousness from which we came.


In this deeply fractured time it is vital to acknowledge the damage done by divisiveness while remaining aware of and connected to the principles for healing. 

This strong presence of fear that pervades our culture is, to say the least, deeply troubling. Our biological systems are laden with anxiety and judgment, which can block our collective access to clear seeing, information and insight. When a mind is plagued with illusion it manifests a reality that is out of touch with the wisdom of Life.

As we receive the spaces of who we are, we begin to map the subtle blueprint for wisdom and action to move in tandem through the world. This integration of inner wisdom and outer conduct is, without question, extremely necessary at this time. 

When we respond with a genuine responsibility to upholding ourselves and others in the light of truth we become available to weaving the paradoxes of life with solutions. 

One breath at a time, we arrive, at the tender footprint our soul has long held there for us to find.

The architecture that keeps things there for us is our capacity to hold a space open for inspiration. The inherent design to all of life. The seed of everything. As we transition through uncertainty the full range of emotion is to be expected. The final remedy will be your readiness to be centered and move forward with an empowered stance. 

Kindly notice when you feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Remember the ways in which grace, gratitude and generosity speak for you. Stand firmly within your heart to tap the rich and vibrant, powerful goodness that life offers through you. Authorize within yourself the natural bond you have to becoming free, in body, mind and soul. Listen for the wind, the breath, the currents, that bring the fire back to you. Guiding you back home.











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B O D Y /\ M I N D

You are held beyond measure. 

Healing Hands: A Weekend of Reiki, Relaxation & Reiki Level 1 Initiation

With Andrea Frade & Kevin Lamb

December 16, 17, 18

At Twisted Trunk Yoga 

When one becomes attuned to the flow of Reiki the channels within the body /\ mind are opened and connected to the pulsing source of infinite energy in a direct and refined way.

Synchronicity becomes more apparent and you can sense the various levels of interconnectedness in multiple ways. This brings the individual into greater harmony with their surroundings and offers a sensitivity to energy /\ occurrences that might've not been there before.

Clarity increases. When one receives a Reiki level attunement one is initiated into a universal flow of energy and awareness that is paramount to any healing path.

Please join us for this guided passage into the tender and loving wisdom of your own healing gifts.

Friday December 16th 7:15-9:15pm
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Saturday, December 17th 1-4pm
Reiki Level 1 Initiation [part 1]

Saturday, December 17th 4-5:30pm
Level 1 Initiates Group Meal at Souen

Sunday, December 18th 1-2:30pm
Reiki Level 1 Initiation [part 2]
Practical application & practice sessions.

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Reiki Weekend + Level 1 Initiation: $295 early bird, $350 week of

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"Miracles happen when we believe in people."


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 ☾MOON WISDOM November 14th 2016☾

Now is the time to take the greatest care.

This is not a time to lose perspective, but rather be consistent in the work you set out to do. Start with yourself first. Clarify what it is you need right now. Stay present with your process and watch your emotions as they will help guide you. The waters of your body are sensitive and pick up the subtle hints that you'll need to make pertinent decisions. Tread these waters gently as you tend to the root cause of disturbance within you. Find spaces of calm that are clear and nourishing for you.

These are troubling times, yet what will slowly reveal itself is an internal understanding of what is next. This subtle shift of attention within will allow you to feel supported while caring for others. Remember to ground yourself and move from your center.

People are grieving. The wounds are real. There is a mixture of sadness and anger with a staunch effort to defend what is right and beautiful in the world. The time now calls for a liberation of vision. Vision and innovation will move the human mind through this period of upheaval with much needed compassion and decisiveness.

There is a wrestling within the communal psyche stirred by this full moon. At the same time a glorious presence of magnificent power is coming awake. Remember your fullness. Breathe it in. This wave of awareness is needed to build a new archetype. The conversation you are having now is the starting point for something unparalleled.

Although judgements are valid, blame is not useful at this time. It can deter your efforts for clear seeing and drain your energy. Remain steadfast and rooted in your internal wisdom, gather great tenderness for everyone as the journey ahead is one that has not yet been defined.

Keep your vibration high, stay open to receive guidance and be available for others. From within your heart know that you carry the same rhythm that is central to all of life. Remember your interconnectedness. For what is ultimately true will hold the vision for sustainability.


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Beloved Snoogle



"The first Akashic reading I had with Andrea @practice_seeing_beauty was over the phone, no-one knew I was pregnant but Andrea said on the phone, "I see you with a pregnant belly". I didn't know her but liked her vibe on Facebook. After that, of course I was sold.

We began to trade weekly Bach sessions for reiki/cranial sacral and crystal healings. It's been the best for my preggo changing body-mind. Here I am on my beloved snoogle. My hippie youth dream come true.

We have formed such a sweet symbiotic relationship of sharing what we do with each other and I look forward every week to her super healing, loving, cosmic touch!" - Deborah Bagg, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Fertile Ground NYC


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Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

 "Freyja, the norse goddess of creativity, love and beauty, shows that true power lies in the ability to discriminate between aggression and passivity - and the ability to choose between them at the right time” - from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr


Notice where you are not so easily forgiving

Notice this young place within yourself

Notice how this hidden knowledge corresponds to any part of your understanding that has felt hurt, abandoned, hardened or alone

Gently shine a light to this place

Quietly, acknowledge what it needs

How does this place feel inside your body?

What do you need to heal for beauty to return to a sound and wholesome state of being within yourself?

What mis-perceptions can you forgive so that the truth of understanding sets you free?

It's time to let go.

The truth is present for you

Be with that

Be on your way

Embrace this change

All healing is change


From resistance to allowing

From refusal to acceptance

This new moon



Step away from the situation. Take a birds eye view of what you feel.

Feelings are powerful but they are not everything in any given situation.

The context and history to certain matters are now having an effect and they are playing out in ways you could’ve never anticipated.

Your guidance for today is to be with the elements.

Breathe-in, Breathe-out

Go out, be in nature

Ride the waves of your mind and let them wash through you and from you.

Give way to a new pattern of being. Give generously

Let everyone be themselves and understand that you have grown.

We accommodate this change by grieving and expanding.

It is very hard to remain small when you know just how large and full of life you are.

You have experienced that tug of war within yourself

You have opened into a new version of yourself

All that was hindering you before has shown up as the way out.

The comfort and familiarity of staying small in any relationship is now obsolete.

Honor that gigantic shift within yourself. You have room now within yourself to see more clearly, to know the way, to see the spark of creative joy.

It is not up to you to measure whether anyone else grows and it is entirely up to you to honor what is needed from within you.

Let go of your expectations for how things should be and let yourself honor in you what the more is.

Thunderous Heart

Image by Robert Florczak

Image by Robert Florczak

Your heart is a symbol of robust commitment

let it be so

and let it be soft


Level in the divine

capacities of

reception & recognition

stay true along your path



Listening is the key by which we understand the world

its messages are hidden in plain sight as you know


Continue on my dear, on the path of healing

you have chosen the way

you will find your pack

a thunderous group of hearts

devoted to the mystery

just as you are


Continue forward

making, taking, breaking the steps

treading new ground

honoring her majesty: the Earth

you are her keeper, her knower

you who listen shall inherit her bounty

come look inside

its always here


You will find the answers

true sounds of wisdom

calling you

homeward bound.


You know the journey

don’t be discouraged

you've been here before.

The White Rose



"Andrea is a rare healer. I had an amazing and very accurate reading with her. I felt really taken care of and totally understood. Not only was I connected to a dimension that I don't know, but basically, to myself in a deep way. I warmly recommend her." - Philippe, Author


Philippe's testimony is just one of the many I have received. The value and benefit of doing this work astonishes me every time. Each reading is a sacred blessing and I am deeply touched by each one.

These sessions are designed to assist you in seeing the events of your life through the lens of unconditional love and are a way for you to connect in deeply with your soul's path and purpose. For clients who are new to my work with the Akashic Records I am offering a chance to experience an Akashic Records Reading first hand. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of this work and I continually see the tremendous benefit that unfolds for each individual with every reading I give. 

So, for a limited time I am offering new clients a chance to first experience their reading and then, if they feel the session was helpful to them, they can choose to pay for the session. To me this feels like an excellent opportunity to share this gift as well as have more people understand what the Akashic Records actually are by directly experiencing the method.

This offer is valid for sessions scheduled over the phone/Skype only. These sessions are easily held over the phone, in person or through Skype from anywhere in the world. All you need is a quiet space.

Clients do have the option of requesting a recording of our call so that they can work with the information to further deepen the healing process. I am deeply honored to be sharing this work with you, I welcome your questions and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Appreciated Gifted and Given

Photography by Leigh Aschoff |

Photography by Leigh Aschoff |


 gifted and given


Born out of itself

was a desire to know

the Mystery

Understanding the translations,

the unseen ways of the world

secrets in plain sight,



Wisdom is not book learned


When we recognize the deeper truths we move into the nature of our own Becoming

We begin to recognize the Whole-Self in all its sanctified glory


Reverence unfolds

 Spirit embodies


We give and take as much as we can to comprehend as much as we can

to help each other,

to see there is a way forward and towards

self-actualization, freedom and love


I am often found asking this question "What signal does my heart carry?"


Love is a bold symbol for change

the work is remembering

that initial imprint

a blueprint for evolution


Each breath a carving of awareness

a request for peace,

a prayer

for understanding on all levels

compassion is understanding


Butterfly Wisdom


Look within my dear.

Look deeply.

The answers are always there.


The time that it takes to travel outside of oneself is much more laborious and long than the journey inward to the shores of your wisdom.

Take the time

Make the time

To listen

and you will learn that everything you seek

calls to you from within

It is all already there inside of you

You have enough compassion to water the drought of the world with your tears

Your smile shines across the globe like a new born sun

The stars reflect back to you your own known mystery in a language decoded through Silence

The translation is clear

You are the one

You are the one

You are the one

You’ve been searching for.





 "We do not meditate only to relax a little and experience some peace. We meditate to unfold our inner being. ... Meditation on the self is not difficult. The real secret of meditation is shaktipat, the inner awakening that takes place through contact with a Siddha Guru. Within every human being lies a great and divine energy. The Indian scriptures refer to it by different names, such as shakti (supreme energy) or chiti (universal consciousness), and when it resides within a human body, this conscious energy is known as kundalini. This inner power is the same creative force that is responsible for the creation, sustenance, and withdrawal of the world. ... it is Consciousness which forms the ground, or canvas on which the material universe is drawn."

Swami Muktananda, Meditate p. 10-11