Butterfly Wisdom


Look within my dear.

Look deeply.

The answers are always there.


The time that it takes to travel outside of oneself is much more laborious and long than the journey inward to the shores of your wisdom.

Take the time

Make the time

To listen

and you will learn that everything you seek

calls to you from within

It is all already there inside of you

You have enough compassion to water the drought of the world with your tears

Your smile shines across the globe like a new born sun

The stars reflect back to you your own known mystery in a language decoded through Silence

The translation is clear

You are the one

You are the one

You are the one

You’ve been searching for.


Shamans Dream


Now is the time, not to hesitate

It is absolutely the time to proceed ahead with a full and lustrous heart

I find and I believe that we always have a chance to draw upon true courage for change; change in the way we perceive the world and ourselves, to see the multiple possibilities for connection and understanding between inner and outer realms.

This is true healing.


I hear these words and my body shifts and my mind becomes a more complete vehicle for growth, for adaptability


my breath draws deeper

my heart moves

I meet yours

we move together

there is joy


tears are running down,

or is it just the rain?

love is here

ever more

there is love within her

, again


the recognition

gratitude is here

and with my faith standing upon it




be with me again

hold my hand

lets walk



alongside one another

in Silence

and with grace


and perseverance 


to serve

to let go

to instill

to bring

to build

to love


How do you place yourself (t)here?

at the seat of change

at the threshold of the movement within you.






 "We do not meditate only to relax a little and experience some peace. We meditate to unfold our inner being. ... Meditation on the self is not difficult. The real secret of meditation is shaktipat, the inner awakening that takes place through contact with a Siddha Guru. Within every human being lies a great and divine energy. The Indian scriptures refer to it by different names, such as shakti (supreme energy) or chiti (universal consciousness), and when it resides within a human body, this conscious energy is known as kundalini. This inner power is the same creative force that is responsible for the creation, sustenance, and withdrawal of the world. ... it is Consciousness which forms the ground, or canvas on which the material universe is drawn."

Swami Muktananda, Meditate p. 10-11  

Love and Light


 "Andrea is one of the most loving and beautiful souls I have ever met and truly has a gift for connecting to what we need to heal and move forward. She did an amazing job. She held the sacred energy and space for me to receive guidance from lost loved ones and the whole body of love and light. The wisdom she channeled resonated deeply with me and I had many ‘a-ha’ moments with things that I have been struggling to understand on my own and it all came into focus on a very deep level. The joy and love she has for making these connections for people is clear and it was one of the most supportive and insightful readings I have ever had. I cannot recommend enough having a reading with Andrea." - Amy, LSW


The Akashic Records are an experiential body of wisdom, a shared field of information and energy, that is in complete alignment with delivering the highest forms of insight, healing and guidance in service of supporting you along your personal journey. 

I am deeply honored to be sharing this work with others. For clients who are new to my work with the Akashic Records I am offering a chance to experience an Akashic Records Reading first hand. I believe in the wholehearted value of this work and I continually see the tremendous benefit that unfolds with each reading I give. For this reason I am offering a chance for first time clients to experience a reading and then decide if they would like to pay for the session.

To me this offering feels like an excellent opportunity to share this gift as well as have more people understand what the Akashic Records actually are by directly experiencing the method. This offer is valid for sessions scheduled over the phone and Skype only. Clients do have the option of requesting a recording of our call so that they can work with the information to further deepen the healing process. 

I welcome your questions and look forward to supporting you through this process and connecting with you soon. To schedule an appointment or for more information Contact Andrea.  





To heal means to restore. There is a great restoration needed at this time.

You must pause to see this healing

You must pause to remember your way for healing

You were sent to heal not to destroy.


This sickness is a malignancy

Awareness is needed at this time

Compassion is needed at this time


Compassion is bigger than just kindness

Compassion is the act of understanding the pain of another through the lens of love

Compassion cannot be bought or acquired


Compassion is felt, embodied, acknowledged and acted upon

Compassion comes from a deep place of knowing

A place of Being



Healing happens through connection and understanding


We must come to understand the part that suffers

If one suffers we are all part of that pain

We must come to acknowledge the part that is lost and bewildered and far from home

The part that has been wounded, severed

To recognize the importance of healing the tender heart of humanity

It is no longer enough to heal oneself, we must begin to heal collectively

This can only be done through a robust commitment to love,

Inside and Out


It is too easy to judge,

To survive we must have courage and stand with integrity in the face of fear

Love and Compassion are vibration

Vibration is essential for intention to become healing, action

I think at times we underestimate the power of these forces

And instead become weakened and distracted by things that fool our eyes


The world needs A LOUDER SENSE OF LOVE

Stay connected

Don’t underestimate the power of love to mobilize a pathway