Athena's Moon

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

As you shed the old skin

allow this new moon to touch you

Remind you

You are light floating in time and space

 Illuminated and buoyant

Creation created


As we turn the soil this season become aware of what has been and what is becoming. Note to Self what needs changing. Let it go. In these fluctuating times and with the world handing out flippant truths it is imperative for you to remain honest with yourself, heart centered and authentic. 

As we move through this next phase of the new moon you will want to harness the power of subtlety. Be intentional. Utilize your intuitive and creative abilities for seeing a situation beyond the surface and feeling into it more deeply. This will ask you to look at aspects of your reality in varying degrees and reassess the relationships that have held you in limbo. 

Release any energies that distract you. Continue on. Focus on cultivating the firmly rooted contracts that keep you tethered to a sense of purpose. 

By the time you realize what needs to happen, you will have naturally journeyed beyond the physical form of this question and into the soul essence of its meaning. You will know your answer clearly and it be easy for you to let the issue go. In its place, and with hindsight, you will be able to see how all along a new course of action has been building for you. 

Remember, as you continue on, to make ample space within your body to receive, stay open and available to inspiration. With heartfelt gratitude any thing is possible. Even the forms of divine guidance will suddenly seem obvious. 

This is a time of understanding what is really going on at a layer deeper than before and through this process recognizing how well you listen to yourself. When the significant reference point of You is clear it becomes effortless to align with the principles that support what you want. As you move through this fluctuating period and shift in perspective remember that any emotional upheaval is there to redirect you back home within yourself. Even if this seems like something you have had to heal in the past, the time is now to make peace with it, let it rest, so that you can move on. Making yourself whole again.

As the foundation of your inner knowing is strengthened and revitalized you will move quickly beyond old, familiar patterns and into a new way of becoming you all over again. 




B O D Y /\ M I N D

You are held beyond measure. 

Healing Hands: A Weekend of Reiki, Relaxation & Reiki Level 1 Initiation

With Andrea Frade & Kevin Lamb

December 16, 17, 18

At Twisted Trunk Yoga 

When one becomes attuned to the flow of Reiki the channels within the body /\ mind are opened and connected to the pulsing source of infinite energy in a direct and refined way.

Synchronicity becomes more apparent and you can sense the various levels of interconnectedness in multiple ways. This brings the individual into greater harmony with their surroundings and offers a sensitivity to energy /\ occurrences that might've not been there before.

Clarity increases. When one receives a Reiki level attunement one is initiated into a universal flow of energy and awareness that is paramount to any healing path.

Please join us for this guided passage into the tender and loving wisdom of your own healing gifts.

Friday December 16th 7:15-9:15pm
Renew & restore with reiki, restorative yoga and meditation

Saturday, December 17th 1-4pm
Reiki Level 1 Initiation [part 1]

Saturday, December 17th 4-5:30pm
Level 1 Initiates Group Meal at Souen

Sunday, December 18th 1-2:30pm
Reiki Level 1 Initiation [part 2]
Practical application & practice sessions.

Friday Evening: $40 early bird, $45 week of
Reiki Weekend + Level 1 Initiation: $295 early bird, $350 week of

*register for the whole weekend and receive a guest pass to bring a friend to Friday evening's restore & renew