Fierce One


Akashic Reading for the Aries Full Moon Oct. 5, 2017

Like the element of fire, anger has a motivating quality that can promise a bounty of transformation. Our duty to its promise is that we live by truth.⠀

When unconscious drives are at play there is an extra layer to transmuting our emotions into states of resolve. At times we would like to believe that we are ok, doing our thing our way, but true healing happens collectively. That means right now we are all being asked to process (Fear, Power, Rage) on a scale that requires tremendous care, patience and responsibility.

But how can one human heart carry such a wound? How can we stand present, purposeful and resilient in the face of terrible grief?

Being able to come back to a state of presence is of monumental value when we are triggered. When we see ourselves as agents of creation we become capable of directing our attention to facilitate change. We can offer kindness. We defend what is life affirming. We become the fierce one. When we feel overwhelmed we can still make a choice to hold onto what is ultimately true. Those we love, who inspire us, who walk with wisdom, grace and integrity. With time and experience, we become those people.

Life presents us with realities that break our spirit. Despair, grief, rage, the unsavory often provide a wake up call. In the yogic tradition anger (Rudra) is a gateway to liberation (Moksha) and peace (Shanti). Fire destroys and transforms. It burns up the illusion of ego. At times this process brings us to our knees so that we can see what is truly there for us. To practice this means to stay with and embody the teachings. Heart, Mind, Soul.

Compassion is an embodied practice revealing a staunch perspective into the nature of our human heart. It offers us space. It allows us to see beyond illusion. It grants us the wisdom when we listen. 


Athena's Moon

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

As you shed the old skin

allow this new moon to touch you

Remind you

You are light floating in time and space

 Illuminated and buoyant

Creation created


As we turn the soil this season become aware of what has been and what is becoming. Note to Self what needs changing. Let it go. In these fluctuating times and with the world handing out flippant truths it is imperative for you to remain honest with yourself, heart centered and authentic. 

As we move through this next phase of the new moon you will want to harness the power of subtlety. Be intentional. Utilize your intuitive and creative abilities for seeing a situation beyond the surface and feeling into it more deeply. This will ask you to look at aspects of your reality in varying degrees and reassess the relationships that have held you in limbo. 

Release any energies that distract you. Continue on. Focus on cultivating the firmly rooted contracts that keep you tethered to a sense of purpose. 

By the time you realize what needs to happen, you will have naturally journeyed beyond the physical form of this question and into the soul essence of its meaning. You will know your answer clearly and it be easy for you to let the issue go. In its place, and with hindsight, you will be able to see how all along a new course of action has been building for you. 

Remember, as you continue on, to make ample space within your body to receive, stay open and available to inspiration. With heartfelt gratitude any thing is possible. Even the forms of divine guidance will suddenly seem obvious. 

This is a time of understanding what is really going on at a layer deeper than before and through this process recognizing how well you listen to yourself. When the significant reference point of You is clear it becomes effortless to align with the principles that support what you want. As you move through this fluctuating period and shift in perspective remember that any emotional upheaval is there to redirect you back home within yourself. Even if this seems like something you have had to heal in the past, the time is now to make peace with it, let it rest, so that you can move on. Making yourself whole again.

As the foundation of your inner knowing is strengthened and revitalized you will move quickly beyond old, familiar patterns and into a new way of becoming you all over again. 



Source Unknown

Source Unknown


What a brutal facade protects on the surface masks a deeper frailty underneath. Bullies are a dying breed.

To ask of you to have compassion for brutal forces may seem like an impossible task, but the time and the asking of you will come. What is marked on the outside as “other” is a reflection of the healing needed on the inside. You must and you will find the courage to stand in your heart for what is free. Your conviction will encourage compassion. And as you look your demons in the eyes you will notice a tear is shed, just to the side. 

It is a time for you to grow. In the face of adversity your armor always will be the symbol of your soul bearing grace form your heart. Mourn not your personal losses, but of the common loss of innocence. 

It is precisely these moments of destruction that deliver who you are, define who you will become and reveal who you will serve. Invite your heart to speak for you. What is hopeful is also rugged. 

The energy forming around you is there as if to carry you all the way down stream on an adventure you may not have initially chosen for yourself. Part of the lesson here is to let go and pay attention. Unpredictability is the form of Grace reminding you of the bigger mystery, the cosmic order of things. Sometimes there is nothing to prepare you for the phases to come. 

Having a central practice to keep you grounded and focused is essential. In times of great change you must own your center, acknowledge when your wounds are speaking for you and authorize a new voice to be heard. 

Listen to your heart. This takes commitment. This voice is there for you. It is small and it is loud. She speaks volumes of wisdom, but comes only when you fully respect her truest desire. There is a flame, a spark, a fire in you anew that can be seen by nightfall. When all others have returned home you will have chosen to stay. initiated into the folds of what you needed to hear. By the fireside of your transformation the wise one will rise, whispering to you about the journey ahead. Only you will know the unfolding, an essential seed, and like a star she will make you shine.

. . .

MOON WISDOM is a collection of Akashic Readings that I publish weekly in alignment with the lunar cycles.

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As you Open

you feel your body ascend

there is a natural light that pours through you

keep this light aflame

for all may need it now

to see

more than ever


There are celebrations on the way and so there should be. Take the time now in these next few weeks to connect with those you love. The dear ones that you keep close to your heart. Remember the joy and delight that rests at the core of you.

 Though you feel immensely drawn to sincerely solving the world’s problems through every means  available to you, there is a time for that and a time for recouping your perspective.

Touch into the warm fluidity of compassion and grace, allow the lightness to flow from you. For when we are able to breathe a little deeper we console others by simply giving our presence and resolving the search for connection and forgiveness. 

This is a time of reconciliation. Above all an integration of the ways in which the forces of light and dark co-mingle within you. It is a time for self-discovery and deep learning. You are laying down the stones for a new path. One by one, slowly and with patience. 

There is a faint newness about you. One in which you understand and one that is true beyond what you have known. Follow the way of your heart with delicacy and precision. Allow this time of transformation to turn from within you. Anchor into the real knowing of your body with sweetness and care. Welcome with an open palm this new energy coming in.

Collectively there is a re-prioritizing going on. A re-ordering of the human imagination. This is happening on both the physical level and on the level of spiritual understanding. In other words there is a longing present within the human mind. A divine discontent leading the upheaval in various states of consciousness.  What is needed now is a steady, strong voice of centering and belief from within, one that embodies both logical navigation and energetic alignment.

There is no rulebook as it pertains to us in the universe, even though we hope at every turn there will be one. The universe is random - powerful - yet random. We make our choices and we do not have command over their outcome. Not everything is up to us. We don't always have the ability to determine what the ultimate value of a particular experience is, was or might be. In a very clever way life presents us with these gaps in knowing and invites us to see our separateness as the birthplace for interconnection. 

It is precisely here in these spaces of (mis)understanding where creativity dwells and calls upon us. It is in this gap of knowing where the seat of the world is made.

It is here, in the silence and noise of our lives, where we recognize ourselves as the authors of this world awakened. In these delicate moments of perception we begin to see our selves more for who we really are. In our most vulnerable moments, tender like dew turning to ice, is when creation's inception is present. There is a kind of accuracy too. The heart Opens. And we willingly place ourselves upon the subtle untouched beginning.

When we clear the debris of what we think should be and move into the space of what IS we harness the power of what needs to happen. We become relevant to the flow of life that will carry us into the next stages of growth, understanding and compassion.

Calm. Steady. Clear. Intention. This is the direction you are headed. 

Close your eyes. Hear the sound of your beating heart. This is how a new world begins. In the dark fluid consciousness aware of its own becoming. 

One breath at a time My Dear.

Honor the delicate unfolding that is You right now in this moment.






B O D Y /\ M I N D

You are held beyond measure. 

Healing Hands: A Weekend of Reiki, Relaxation & Reiki Level 1 Initiation

With Andrea Frade & Kevin Lamb

December 16, 17, 18

At Twisted Trunk Yoga 

When one becomes attuned to the flow of Reiki the channels within the body /\ mind are opened and connected to the pulsing source of infinite energy in a direct and refined way.

Synchronicity becomes more apparent and you can sense the various levels of interconnectedness in multiple ways. This brings the individual into greater harmony with their surroundings and offers a sensitivity to energy /\ occurrences that might've not been there before.

Clarity increases. When one receives a Reiki level attunement one is initiated into a universal flow of energy and awareness that is paramount to any healing path.

Please join us for this guided passage into the tender and loving wisdom of your own healing gifts.

Friday December 16th 7:15-9:15pm
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Reiki Level 1 Initiation [part 1]

Saturday, December 17th 4-5:30pm
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"Miracles happen when we believe in people."


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"Andrea is a gifted and wise healer. During our session together, she eloquently revealed what my heart and mind needed to hear. I felt safe and held in her presence and wisdom. I trusted her words as I could feel them resonate in my body. After our session I felt calm and peaceful. Give yourself the gift of her readings, she is a real gem." - Deborah


"Working with Andrea opened channels in me that helped me find peace. She is a gentle soul who I look forward to working with on my journey. I am forever grateful to her and her work." - Lori




Healing Hands: A Weekend of Reiki & Reiki Level 1 Initiation

December 16-18th
With Andrea Frade & Kevin Lamb


Incorporating Reiki Healing Energy into your personal tool kit is an incredible way to up-level your own self-care practice and provide support for others and your loved ones.

Reiki is a gentle flow of energy that clears blockages within the body, mind and spirit. It frees up space for the authentic Self to take shape again. This is why people feel so spacious and at home within their bodies after having a Reiki Session - there is a renewed sense of space for them to inhabit.  

With Reiki Healing Energy you are reconnected with the simple yet profound understanding of being here-now fully awake to the present moment.

Reiki is a high frequency healing that invites you to receive the nourishment of coming back home to our own true essence.

Please join us for what is sure to be a a deeply nourishing and illuminating journey.

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You stand in a downpour of gold

It takes shape over the crown of your head, building into the image of a white cocoon. 

A cosmic egg. 

You look around your body and begin to notice a sense of protection. 

You feel the light in your fingertips and toes. 

You look around and again feel another layer of protection expanding around you. A gigantic cosmic egg, builds itself around you. 

It is made of light. 

The light that gathers around your body holds you through all the phases. 

This is the new growth you have been waiting for.

Placing your hands on your low belly you feel into the deep, soft waters of your soul. 


You know you are held

beyond measure


You are guided,



This is a time of catalytic transformation. A time for clear-seeing and of wisdom. When the earth moves in towards herself, her invitation to us is the same. Close your eyes to remember and see your way through what appears to be the dark.

Now is the time to witness the liminal light. To honor our hopes and sanctify our vision. To burn with the eternal fires and lay illusion down. Loving ever-more deeply from our own Sacred Heart. 

Revel in the spaces less-known to you. Silence is a great teacher here. See through the veils with sincerity, make room for the cosmic unveiling of you.

Welcome curiosity and listen for the whispering songs as they call to you from way beneath the surface. Our roots are here in the earth. Our ancestry greets us together. Welcome this movement, it serves as a great remembrance for us all.

This time of year brings with it both a departure from the more obvious tendencies into the layers unseen. A brand new phase of connection is being born from within you. Feel your way through these next few days. Do not assume anything. Go with your senses.  

Extract the nectar of life's blessings. It is all on the tip of your tongue. You are the wave of three graces. You are the matrix of three worlds. A cauldron of Soul. The stirrings of your ancestry hold this gate open for you. The veils are thin, you know. You feel them, moving from behind and from within.



Beloved Snoogle



"The first Akashic reading I had with Andrea @practice_seeing_beauty was over the phone, no-one knew I was pregnant but Andrea said on the phone, "I see you with a pregnant belly". I didn't know her but liked her vibe on Facebook. After that, of course I was sold.

We began to trade weekly Bach sessions for reiki/cranial sacral and crystal healings. It's been the best for my preggo changing body-mind. Here I am on my beloved snoogle. My hippie youth dream come true.

We have formed such a sweet symbiotic relationship of sharing what we do with each other and I look forward every week to her super healing, loving, cosmic touch!" - Deborah Bagg, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Fertile Ground NYC


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Moon Wisdom


You are connected both far and wide. Your heart beats a gigantic rhythm.


Be delicate with yourself through this time of new found love, inspiration and creativity.

For some this time of awakening will still be a difficult phase, reckoning with the shadow side and rearranging the details of whats to come.


The Aries Moon leaves no one untouched by her courage to open the authentic life, the very core from which we wish to love.


You hear the call clearly.

There is no doubt when you give yourself time for listening. 

A flood of consciousness awaits your attention and poise.

Be kind. Listen wisely.


It is a pivotal time to see how sides can become polarized, both in ourselves and in the other.

This awareness, however, is in service of maximizing our capacity for discernment. 

To judge what is optimal, most wise, valuable and appropriate in each situation? 


Self-love reigns here.


Notice your perspective on this. 

How do you see yourself in the grand web of your relations?

Consider the bigger picture here, the more expanded view of what you need and what you want.

When you get close, pay attention to what you fear about speaking your truth. 


Uphold your personal integrity, and even more your humanity, in the face of adversity. 

“Stay the course”, says Aries.  “Find balance”, Libra says.

The magic is in-between the two.


Trust that this is a time for you to feel, to know, and to judge.

To become sage in your wisdom.

Acknowledge what you know and let the rest fall into place around you.

Feel into the circumstances that come up for you.

Notice how your relationships reflect back the process of uncovering your own self-love.

See the world as a mirror of the journey, the one you travel to touch the sweetest truths of your heart.

To live that deep innermost longing and fulfill upon the promise of who you already are.



You are the secret,

the mystery, 

You hold the love you seek.

Only you may grant yourself this knowledge

No one else can give you the key


You are the wizard, the seer, the magician, the empress all wrapped into one.

You are the World. You are the gift.

You are the revelation.



Moon Wisdom


 🌙 Moon Wisdom for October 10th, 2016 🌙

Half Moon, Half Light

At a still point you judge and you wait. You listen and look, you weigh the pros and cons.

Hold the space for energy to build, you are filled with a new vision, excitement abounds.

Follow your heart-centered wish. Fulfillment is yours but watch your tendency to be swept away by the freshness of this passion. 

Remember your ground.

We are halfway through this cycle and it is exactly at midpoint we must remain steady and focus on what we want so that we carry this creativity towards its full form.

You are still ripening. Stay in this rhythm.

Know that harmony glistens in the shape of you when wisdom is present.

Listen to the beat of your heart. What is your body is telling you?

Immerse yourself in the new found freedom of your joy. Carry this seed of knowledge close to your heart until it unfurls form within. Gentle, unassuming and filled with secrets. 

This time around you will turn the new leaf you've been searching for. It is a significant time of growth for you.

Remember: what emerges from within you is a desire in part of all awareness to become conscious.

Nurture this growth. Be witness to the process. Listen and look. Follow the flow.

The full moon is calling.



I have received many beautiful, heartfelt testimonials for my work in the Akashic Records. I never in a million years would've thought I would get a letter like this from my brother. Every time I read it I laugh and cry at the same time. I'm so deeply touched by this Greg. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love you so much.

"In the last year I have been going through a really difficult separation/divorce with the mother of my children. Andrea, my loving sister, offered me the Akashic reading to see what would happen. I agreed and we spoke for an hour. It was ...intense...spiritual...enlightening....and what I needed at that moment. She was able to to summarize ideas I was not able to conceptualize because I was too involved with the moment. She brought my angels into the light and they spoke through her telling me what they have been waiting to tell me my whole life. It was f*&(#@!* cool.... Anyways. Andrea kicks ass and she is über spiritual. She has a gift. Even though we argued most of our lives as brother and sister and she is the feminist and I am dirt man type, I have a magnitude of respect for her and I didn't think I was going to write this much. Love you sister. Keep guiding the others, they don't know they need it or maybe they are just waiting their turn unsuspecting." Greg 


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Sessions are easily held in person or over the phone or Skype. Sessions are available anywhere in the world + in NYC @twistedtrunkyoga and Brooklyn @minkabrooklyn

What is Reiki?

"Unio Mystica" (Detail) by Andrew Gonzalez  

"Unio Mystica" (Detail) by Andrew Gonzalez  

Healing sessions are always very private and sacred to me. I feel what transpires for the person receiving Reiki to be so very personal to them. I was incredibly honored to receive these beautiful words from a client of mine who I worked on remotely describing her experience after our session. It is with great appreciation I publish these words to express the exquisite process of her journey and recognition from within.

With great Love. Andrea


“Sensations: burning hands, pressure in head - a flowing upward of energy from root chakra to crown. A settling. A beautiful presence while being in my home space alone. A supportive energy. Eventually some pressure in my head and a releasing of tension in my neck over time. A deep peace, a slip into unconscious for a few breaths - a period of emotions I felt them coming up and travel out to the crown of my head - I wanted to hold on - I was afraid of losing something yet trusted and stated internally that I consented and willfully let go. The peace arrived, at times I felt my soul hovering with my body in such beautiful way. I eventually experienced a deep opening of peace in all of my molecules, a serene openness and deep peace.

Throughout session I received messages about my own feelings and self - things I knew already yet they were clarified and distinct rather than jumbled with other things. Some I don’t remember, yet I trust they were presented to me, seen and heard, to be taken in on levels necessary for me to hold and absorb and remember in my cells and action oriented wisdom sense.

I was also able to discern my soul’s edge - an orb surrounding me and manually heal a slight tear with only attention and pause. THIS was very powerful to me! There were many subtle moments of being shown my own peace - having my soul revealed to me as well as my own peace and capacity for self healing.”



Step away from the situation. Take a birds eye view of what you feel.

Feelings are powerful but they are not everything in any given situation.

The context and history to certain matters are now having an effect and they are playing out in ways you could’ve never anticipated.

Your guidance for today is to be with the elements.

Breathe-in, Breathe-out

Go out, be in nature

Ride the waves of your mind and let them wash through you and from you.

Give way to a new pattern of being. Give generously

Let everyone be themselves and understand that you have grown.

We accommodate this change by grieving and expanding.

It is very hard to remain small when you know just how large and full of life you are.

You have experienced that tug of war within yourself

You have opened into a new version of yourself

All that was hindering you before has shown up as the way out.

The comfort and familiarity of staying small in any relationship is now obsolete.

Honor that gigantic shift within yourself. You have room now within yourself to see more clearly, to know the way, to see the spark of creative joy.

It is not up to you to measure whether anyone else grows and it is entirely up to you to honor what is needed from within you.

Let go of your expectations for how things should be and let yourself honor in you what the more is.

For the New Moon



A perfect time for letting go.


It is a beautiful time this month to immerse yourself into the fullness of churning. Cycles are at play.


Mercury retrograde is a time for review, a time of slowing down the processes, of considering your decision making. To allow for a healthy does of uncertainty. Be mindful. These questions have been in the waiting a long time.


Let go without hesitation. Open yourself to the point of invitation the universe is bestowing upon you.

When we keep a curious mind we allow for surprise to craft a new perspective.


There are plenty of new beginnings hidden within the folds of this timing. As well an appropriate amount of endings to complement this shift.

All here to teach you about the wild soul, its growth, maturation and fulfillment. Stay true to your hearts desire.


There is wisdom in the spaces between the details.


In the subtle and soft glow of your heart is the calling for your attention. It asks for forgiveness and offers suggestions for renewal, these messages lay in wait only to further guide you on your correct path, the path you have always been on.


Remember the field of butterflies? There can be great beauty in the gnarled moments of dissolution. Let yourself arrive at the altar of change, give away what no longer serves you and pave your path with vision for what does. Know these are phases in waiting, there is no rush, just a slow and deep acknowledgement of whats true


Stop every now and again to pause and steep in the decadent richness of what brings your soul delight. Take a rose bath. Take time for healing past wounds. Honor your body’s delicacy.


In this time of healing there is a wealth of understanding for the mystery that you are. Let it all arrive in good timing, breathe it alive in your body


Know that you are not the person you once were

Nor are you the person you think you ought to be

You are a process of being. You are the ground of your own becoming.

Own it,

Own your own magnificence.

And so it is.

And so we let it be.


The White Rose



"Andrea is a rare healer. I had an amazing and very accurate reading with her. I felt really taken care of and totally understood. Not only was I connected to a dimension that I don't know, but basically, to myself in a deep way. I warmly recommend her." - Philippe, Author


Philippe's testimony is just one of the many I have received. The value and benefit of doing this work astonishes me every time. Each reading is a sacred blessing and I am deeply touched by each one.

These sessions are designed to assist you in seeing the events of your life through the lens of unconditional love and are a way for you to connect in deeply with your soul's path and purpose. For clients who are new to my work with the Akashic Records I am offering a chance to experience an Akashic Records Reading first hand. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of this work and I continually see the tremendous benefit that unfolds for each individual with every reading I give. 

So, for a limited time I am offering new clients a chance to first experience their reading and then, if they feel the session was helpful to them, they can choose to pay for the session. To me this feels like an excellent opportunity to share this gift as well as have more people understand what the Akashic Records actually are by directly experiencing the method.

This offer is valid for sessions scheduled over the phone/Skype only. These sessions are easily held over the phone, in person or through Skype from anywhere in the world. All you need is a quiet space.

Clients do have the option of requesting a recording of our call so that they can work with the information to further deepen the healing process. I am deeply honored to be sharing this work with you, I welcome your questions and look forward to connecting with you soon.

Love and Light


 "Andrea is one of the most loving and beautiful souls I have ever met and truly has a gift for connecting to what we need to heal and move forward. She did an amazing job. She held the sacred energy and space for me to receive guidance from lost loved ones and the whole body of love and light. The wisdom she channeled resonated deeply with me and I had many ‘a-ha’ moments with things that I have been struggling to understand on my own and it all came into focus on a very deep level. The joy and love she has for making these connections for people is clear and it was one of the most supportive and insightful readings I have ever had. I cannot recommend enough having a reading with Andrea." - Amy, LSW


The Akashic Records are an experiential body of wisdom, a shared field of information and energy, that is in complete alignment with delivering the highest forms of insight, healing and guidance in service of supporting you along your personal journey. 

I am deeply honored to be sharing this work with others. For clients who are new to my work with the Akashic Records I am offering a chance to experience an Akashic Records Reading first hand. I believe in the wholehearted value of this work and I continually see the tremendous benefit that unfolds with each reading I give. For this reason I am offering a chance for first time clients to experience a reading and then decide if they would like to pay for the session.

To me this offering feels like an excellent opportunity to share this gift as well as have more people understand what the Akashic Records actually are by directly experiencing the method. This offer is valid for sessions scheduled over the phone and Skype only. Clients do have the option of requesting a recording of our call so that they can work with the information to further deepen the healing process. 

I welcome your questions and look forward to supporting you through this process and connecting with you soon. To schedule an appointment or for more information Contact Andrea.  





 "I have been having monthly Reiki sessions with Andrea for over a year. After the first session I decided that I needed to set aside time each month in my busy schedule for a session. Andrea creates such a space of healing, support and nurturing. The sessions help me to feel renewed ona very deep level. I now not only set aside the time for the session, but I leave the rest of my day free for me. This allows me to be quiet and absorb and let the healing energy permeate my being. I have found that these sessions refurbish and polish my sprit allowing me to transform old patterns, make much needed changes and to heal on a deep level." Jan Yoga Teacher, Animal Health and Wellness Coach

_ _

REIKI is a Japanese healing technique that expands the capacity for your body and mind to reestablish balance. In these sessions Andrea provides a compassionate space for you to feel held, nurtured and supported. This gentle, yet powerful form of hands on healing will relax your mind and reconnect you to your own clear wellspring of energy, positivity and vitality.

Andrea is a Certified Reiki Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing and Akashic Records Practitioner. She offers spirit gatherings and healing sessions for individuals, couples and small groups.

To schedule an appointment or for questions about her services please Contact Andrea

Sessions are available in your home or @twistedtrunkyoga & @minkabrooklyn