Artwork by  Isabelle Menin

Artwork by Isabelle Menin


I always feel incredibly touched when I receive a testimonial from someone who shares about their experience of our work together.

It's astonishing to me the levels of transformation that occur even after our session has closed. The words they use to describe their experience reach into me so deeply, as if something new is born both in the consciousness of my client and myself.

In so many ways we birth each other through this process of exchange, conversation and healing. Coming back again and again to holy ground of ourselves in new ways that are lifetimes old. It's like a long lost prayer of the soul has been answered in the most beautiful, Self-honoring way. So many blessings and good work being offered by so many.

With eternal gratitude for this work, our collaboration in unfolding it together and every awakening that comes along on the journey ahead.

Thank you @houiea for sharing your experience with me. #love#gratitude 


"I received an Akashic Records Reading from Andrea and it was the most powerful and life changing reading I ever had. As a fellow practitioner I feel so much joy to endorse this life changing experience. I was unsure about a few things and this reading secured me in my truth. I went on to learn how to do Akashic Records Readings myself and now offer them as a service. It's completely transformed my life for the absolute better. I feel unlimited in every way! I give eternal thanks to the creator for introducing me to Andrea. I'm so grateful."

- Houeia