What is Reiki?

"Unio Mystica" (Detail) by Andrew Gonzalez  

"Unio Mystica" (Detail) by Andrew Gonzalez  

Healing sessions are always very private and sacred to me. I feel what transpires for the person receiving Reiki to be so very personal to them. I was incredibly honored to receive these beautiful words from a client of mine who I worked on remotely describing her experience after our session. It is with great appreciation I publish these words to express the exquisite process of her journey and recognition from within.

With great Love. Andrea


“Sensations: burning hands, pressure in head - a flowing upward of energy from root chakra to crown. A settling. A beautiful presence while being in my home space alone. A supportive energy. Eventually some pressure in my head and a releasing of tension in my neck over time. A deep peace, a slip into unconscious for a few breaths - a period of emotions I felt them coming up and travel out to the crown of my head - I wanted to hold on - I was afraid of losing something yet trusted and stated internally that I consented and willfully let go. The peace arrived, at times I felt my soul hovering with my body in such beautiful way. I eventually experienced a deep opening of peace in all of my molecules, a serene openness and deep peace.

Throughout session I received messages about my own feelings and self - things I knew already yet they were clarified and distinct rather than jumbled with other things. Some I don’t remember, yet I trust they were presented to me, seen and heard, to be taken in on levels necessary for me to hold and absorb and remember in my cells and action oriented wisdom sense.

I was also able to discern my soul’s edge - an orb surrounding me and manually heal a slight tear with only attention and pause. THIS was very powerful to me! There were many subtle moments of being shown my own peace - having my soul revealed to me as well as my own peace and capacity for self healing.”