Thunderous Heart

Image by Robert Florczak

Image by Robert Florczak

Your heart is a symbol of robust commitment

let it be so

and let it be soft


Level in the divine

capacities of

reception & recognition

stay true along your path



Listening is the key by which we understand the world

its messages are hidden in plain sight as you know


Continue on my dear, on the path of healing

you have chosen the way

you will find your pack

a thunderous group of hearts

devoted to the mystery

just as you are


Continue forward

making, taking, breaking the steps

treading new ground

honoring her majesty: the Earth

you are her keeper, her knower

you who listen shall inherit her bounty

come look inside

its always here


You will find the answers

true sounds of wisdom

calling you

homeward bound.


You know the journey

don’t be discouraged

you've been here before.