To heal means to restore. There is a great restoration needed at this time.

You must pause to see this healing

You must pause to remember your way for healing

You were sent to heal not to destroy.


This sickness is a malignancy

Awareness is needed at this time

Compassion is needed at this time


Compassion is bigger than just kindness

Compassion is the act of understanding the pain of another through the lens of love

Compassion cannot be bought or acquired


Compassion is felt, embodied, acknowledged and acted upon

Compassion comes from a deep place of knowing

A place of Being



Healing happens through connection and understanding


We must come to understand the part that suffers

If one suffers we are all part of that pain

We must come to acknowledge the part that is lost and bewildered and far from home

The part that has been wounded, severed

To recognize the importance of healing the tender heart of humanity

It is no longer enough to heal oneself, we must begin to heal collectively

This can only be done through a robust commitment to love,

Inside and Out


It is too easy to judge,

To survive we must have courage and stand with integrity in the face of fear

Love and Compassion are vibration

Vibration is essential for intention to become healing, action

I think at times we underestimate the power of these forces

And instead become weakened and distracted by things that fool our eyes


The world needs A LOUDER SENSE OF LOVE

Stay connected

Don’t underestimate the power of love to mobilize a pathway