What is an Akashic Records Reading like?

Photography by Leigh Aschoff | OMAYARI.org

Photography by Leigh Aschoff | OMAYARI.org

  "I believe that everyone has access to their own true path. The answers we seek are are always there for us. The trouble is, our path becomes obscured and clouded and hidden beneath layers of self doubt and confusion and the distractions of our day to day existence. After a session with Andrea it was as if all the dust and debris was gently lifted, the fogged cleared and I felt so light and clear in my intentions. It was a huge feeling of relief and recognition of truth. I felt nourished and physically energized listening to Andrea. It was like a remembering of myself that was lying deep within the cells of my being. Sometimes it takes someone like Andrea to sweep away the clutter of our self doubt to reveal our truth and its beauty and its love and potential. I would highly recommend a session with Andrea. She is truly a gifted and gentle, loving voice, the technique she utilizes is a conduit through which her inner knowledge flows from her heart to yours. -Kristin, Artist, Mama, Muse


Andrea offers Akashic Records Readings + Yoga + Reiki Healing Sessions. Sessions are available over the phone, by Skype and in person. Healing sessions are available in your home,  @twistedtrunkyoga and @minkabrooklyn

Andrea teaches weekly yoga classes in NYC @twistedtrunkyoga on Sundays at 11am & Mondays at 4PM. For more information contact Andrea