Feathers are Messengers


I think for a long time, even unknowingly, I had hoped that God was real. I had in some way always hoped that there was a power greater than myself that would help guide me in the times of my life that were challenging.

I see now with time and practice that this hope was nothing other than my wish to hear the true whispers of my own heart, to see with new eyes the world around me and to deepen the trust I have in the way miracles unfold as life itself.

I have called to God by many names Love, Spirit, Divine, Mother, Source, You, Me, Beauty, Mystery, Eternal, Essence, All that Is.

I love this reminder from A Course in Miracles. It is a potent one for me and keeps me tethered to the mystery that guides and breathes me everyday.

In the words of A Course in Miracles

"Prayer is the medium of miracles.

Prayer is a conscious request that our thoughts be shifted by a power greater than our own. This shift from ego thinking to spirit thinking IS the miracle.


A serious prayer life is a mental orientation - an attunment to God throughout the day.

Pray directs the mind to hear the voice of God over the voice of the ego, to notice the illuminated thoughts and ideas that emerge naturally from the deeper regions of our consciousness."