It is along your path that you reserve the space from within to notice the details of life's progressions. Along with it comes a recognition, a homecoming, back to the nature of the Self, and for me even more precisely back home to Womanhood and Intimacy.

Here along my path I pause and am ever more grateful and inspired to be working on behalf of consciousness in service to others. From a deep place of clear seeing and compassion, right action and thoughtfulness, my words, and actions, now embody a perseverance and connection new and old to me. I am thankful it is so.  

I ask out loud today

May I be a clear channel for others to recognize true peace along their soul's journey. 

May I embody and bring about the greatest gift of understanding so that my listening births the sound of true compassion from within the heart.

May I always remember the pathway of a life fully committed to love. 

And So It Is