The White Rose



"Andrea is a rare healer. I had an amazing and very accurate reading with her. I felt really taken care of and totally understood. Not only was I connected to a dimension that I don't know, but basically, to myself in a deep way. I warmly recommend her." - Philippe, Author


Philippe's testimony is just one of the many I have received. The value and benefit of doing this work astonishes me every time. Each reading is a sacred blessing and I am deeply touched by each one.

These sessions are designed to assist you in seeing the events of your life through the lens of unconditional love and are a way for you to connect in deeply with your soul's path and purpose. For clients who are new to my work with the Akashic Records I am offering a chance to experience an Akashic Records Reading first hand. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of this work and I continually see the tremendous benefit that unfolds for each individual with every reading I give. 

So, for a limited time I am offering new clients a chance to first experience their reading and then, if they feel the session was helpful to them, they can choose to pay for the session. To me this feels like an excellent opportunity to share this gift as well as have more people understand what the Akashic Records actually are by directly experiencing the method.

This offer is valid for sessions scheduled over the phone/Skype only. These sessions are easily held over the phone, in person or through Skype from anywhere in the world. All you need is a quiet space.

Clients do have the option of requesting a recording of our call so that they can work with the information to further deepen the healing process. I am deeply honored to be sharing this work with you, I welcome your questions and look forward to connecting with you soon.