"In the Upanishads there is a question: What do human beings want? The answer is that we want happiness. Everything we do, we do for the sake of happiness.

We seek that happiness through our work, through our friends and family, through art and science, through food, drink, entertainment. For happiness, we perform all the activities of daily life, and this is why we keep expanding our material world.


Inside us lies divine happiness, the same happiness we are looking for in the world. If we think about the joy we derive from different activities, we will realize that we experience happiness not in the activities, but within ourselves.


For example, when you look at a beautiful picture, where do you feel pleasure, in the picture or in yourself? When you eat a delicious meal, do you experience satisfaction in the food or in yourself? When you meet a friend and feel joy, is that joy in your friend or in yourself?


The truth is that the joy you find in all these things is simply a reflection of the joy of your own inner Self.” Meditate, p. 1, Swami Muktananda