Invoking Lakshmi


Channeling Your Inner Goddess of Abundance

An Evening of Devotion and Ritual

Tuesday November 22nd 7-8:15PM EST.

A Live Online Gathering


Lakshmi is the source of gifts. She is the giver of gifts and the gift itself, she is also the power to receive gifts. Lakshmi represents the limitless abundance of life itself in all its forms. We worship Lakshmi by becoming Her.

She is a goddess who reminds us of the values we cherish and hold close to our heart. The aspects of her essential nature that describe her teachings are integrity, wealth, harmony, kindness, virtue, sustainability, generosity, shimmering vitality, golden beauty, greatness and glory. Her offering to us is deeply nutritive. She is the embodiment of all that inspires, creates and sustains the ever evolving wheel of life. She is the form that Shri (auspicious wisdom) takes.

Lakshmi is the exquisite feeling that arises within us when our mind is both calm and beautiful. When we place our desires on the altar of our heart, when we invoke thegoddess, we co-create an inner template that opens the field of possibility within our mind. We begin to re-establish vital qualities within our heart and shift the vision of this world into a palpable result of what we truly desire.


The path of the sacred feminine is about embodying your



Lakshmi’s great wisdom teaches us that every part of life is saturated with bliss. Often times this awakening happens through upheaval and change when our inner world and outer world have become incongruous. Shakti’s invitation to us is to utilize, with skill, the inherent gift of our own awareness to shape our life from the innermost intelligence of our heart's longing.

Invoking Lakshmi is an act of devotional prayer. We are transformed by Her when the secret gift of our exquisite nature is revealed to us, when the contents of beauty explode from within our own inner vision.

In our time together we will set the intention for sacred connection, we will invite the support of the Goddess Lakshmi and refine the gifts of our intuition by connecting with her. You will learn techniques of visualization, mantra and meditation that will further open the pathways within you to embody the essential principles of the Goddess Lakshmi. This virtual gathering invites each participant to move through a process of transformation, to create a personalized approach to connecting with the Goddess Lakshmi and alchemize the raw subtle details of your human experience into a shimmering elixir of wisdom and gold.

All are Welcome. No Experience necessary.

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