Moon Wisdom


You are connected both far and wide. Your heart beats a gigantic rhythm.


Be delicate with yourself through this time of new found love, inspiration and creativity.

For some this time of awakening will still be a difficult phase, reckoning with the shadow side and rearranging the details of whats to come.


The Aries Moon leaves no one untouched by her courage to open the authentic life, the very core from which we wish to love.


You hear the call clearly.

There is no doubt when you give yourself time for listening. 

A flood of consciousness awaits your attention and poise.

Be kind. Listen wisely.


It is a pivotal time to see how sides can become polarized, both in ourselves and in the other.

This awareness, however, is in service of maximizing our capacity for discernment. 

To judge what is optimal, most wise, valuable and appropriate in each situation? 


Self-love reigns here.


Notice your perspective on this. 

How do you see yourself in the grand web of your relations?

Consider the bigger picture here, the more expanded view of what you need and what you want.

When you get close, pay attention to what you fear about speaking your truth. 


Uphold your personal integrity, and even more your humanity, in the face of adversity. 

“Stay the course”, says Aries.  “Find balance”, Libra says.

The magic is in-between the two.


Trust that this is a time for you to feel, to know, and to judge.

To become sage in your wisdom.

Acknowledge what you know and let the rest fall into place around you.

Feel into the circumstances that come up for you.

Notice how your relationships reflect back the process of uncovering your own self-love.

See the world as a mirror of the journey, the one you travel to touch the sweetest truths of your heart.

To live that deep innermost longing and fulfill upon the promise of who you already are.



You are the secret,

the mystery, 

You hold the love you seek.

Only you may grant yourself this knowledge

No one else can give you the key


You are the wizard, the seer, the magician, the empress all wrapped into one.

You are the World. You are the gift.

You are the revelation.