renew, reflect, rEvolve


The world won’t tell you: “Wait”

It will say “go go go…”

The world won’t tell you: “Now”

It will say “yesterday or tomorrow…”

The world won’t tell you: “You are the Secret to Miracles”

Winter is a time of retreat, renewal and reflection. It is a time of insight. It is a time to look inward and consider who we are. It is a time to nourish the essence of who we are on a much deeper level. It is a time of inner revolution and a return to that which flows beneath the surface of things. It is our time, now, to turn within, to delight and roam the great terrain of our perceptive consciousness. It is time for the moonlight of our awareness to cast its glow upon the heart from within.

We rarely give ourselves the time to stop, check-in and to listen, yet this is the way in which our soul essence will become nourished and how our physical needs will be met. The organs associated with winter are the kidneys and the bladder, the element here is water, signifying an emphasis on our emotions as well as being receptive to them. Our primary sense perception related to the kidneys is that of hearing. According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys house the essence of life-force energy and are related to the cycle of transformation. In this case, for true vitality to emerge, Stillness is required. For us to function well in the world, taking perspective is necessary. 

These principles of awareness, presence and spaciousness are elemental to our own vibrant health and radiant wellbeing. They also form the resonant framework of forgiveness,compassion and empowerment

So the turning point begins with you. One shift in your daily routine at a time affects the way your world behaves and transforms, an entire microcosm of YOU evolving from the deep-seated heart space within you. 

I invite you this season to take the extra time for yourself, slow down just enough to create more space and recognize the immense benefits to having a daily self-care practice. Carve out the time for a simple 5-minute morning meditation or rest in a 22-minute restorative pose in the evening that can serve you greatly in times of transition or when both energy and patience have waned. Take the time to pay attention to yourself on a much deeper level and notice what surfaces. Listen to your inner most needs, and hear the call for renewal from a different place. Nurture the transformation that is taking place within you with great care, support and ease. 

Wishing you a vibrant, nourishing and revolutionary New Year for 2015!

All my Love,


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