Ocean of the Heart


Ocean of the Heart


Come float with me and I will tell you a Dream.

Retreat into a rejuvenating experience for your body, heart, & mind. Ground your energy and let go. Breathe into the timeless realm within you.

In this guided relaxation Andrea leads you through a meditative journey to reconnect you with the wellspring of healing and vitality within you.

This 20-minute nourishing practice offers you the time and space to experience a deep state of calm while building clear awareness within your body and mind.

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May this meditation bring your body, heart and mind a great sense of calm and peace from within you.

From my heart to yours.

Thank you.


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Recent Testimonials:

"She is a direct line to source, and her elegant delivery of the wisdom waiting to be bestowed on you is enchanting and mesmerizing. She has a true gift, a divine connection, and a real priestess presence. I've never felt so held, encouraged, and perfectly understanding of my experiences. I can't recommend Andrea highly enough!" - Robin Lee founder of The Babe Collective

"Andrea combines her deeply insightful wisdom and her keen intuition and caring heart to provide a reading that is immensely powerful, helpful and healing as she balances the right amount of information and process. Anyone who wants a new way to look at what they've known for a long time will benefit tremendously." - Gisele, Executive Coach

"Andrea is a gifted and wise healer. During our session together, she eloquently revealed what my heart and mind needed to hear. I felt safe and held in her presence and wisdom. I trusted her words as I could feel them resonate in my body. After our session I felt calm and peaceful. Give yourself the gift of her readings, she is a real gem." - Deborah, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Fertile Ground NYC