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Reimagining Relationship: Initiations into the Heart Space - Free Online Class

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“Relationship represents the greatest challenge for the individual, for it is only in relationship to others that unresolved problems still existing within the individual psyche are affected and activated.” - Eva Pierrakos, The Pathwork to Self-Transformation

Every relationship we’ve ever had has left an indelible mark on who we are and has contributed to who we have become. Relationships move us the layer deeper inside ourselves into the truth of who we are and how we love. 

At the same time the most primary, complex and intimate relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. From a spiritual perspective relationships are the most significant avenues to self-understanding.⠀

Please join us Saturday April 13th from 1-3PM for a live online gathering for “Reimagining Relationship: Initiations Into the Heart Space”. ⠀

In this time together we will explore the topic of relationship as a channel for self-transformation, learn how we can use our deep feeling nature and wise body to bring greater awareness into our experience of (self) love and relationships, and create a safe and supportive collective space for our hearts to open in a guided meditation for healing.⠀

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