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Learning to Love: The Art of Receiving

Artist: Alex Alemany

Artist: Alex Alemany

Learning to Love: The Art of Receiving is a program designed to support conscious women on a spiritual path heal from unhealthy relationship dynamics and align with their most authentic desires for partnership and intimacy. 

This group program will provide a unique setting for exploring and discovering our longing to love and be loved.

In this community of women we will hold a safe and supportive space for each woman to reconnect with her core sense of self, while bringing a gentle light to the delicate wounds of past experiences that, when supported and understood, can yield great compassion and transformation.

Together we will gather to support each woman on her individual path towards union with another. Bringing your vision for love, healthy partnership and true intimacy into being by building a new framework around trust, vulnerability, love and belonging. 

Through a network of embodied practices, subtle body energy healing, intuitive development and group process work you will learn how to notice when you are out of integrity with yourself and what you want, identify toxic and unbalanced power dynamics in your relationships, break from old, exhausting patterns of attracting the same personality type, build the strength and clarity of your intuition to recognize what is true and authentic for you and empower yourself to make new choices while honoring the initiatory process of embracing radical self-acceptance and unconditional love as the power for deep connection and true intimacy.

Embracing your sensuality and sexuality as the creative power and inner guidance that attracts healthy, fulfilling and aligned partnerships.

A preview of the program …

I. Our Memories and The Mystery: Honoring Where We’ve Been and Creating What We Want

II. Embodying the Sacred: Understanding the Importance of Presence and Compassion

III. Embracing Your Shadow and Your Light: Acts of Healing

IV. A New Vision for Power: The Alchemy of Love

V. Sacred Mirrors: Receiving Ourselves, Receiving Another  

Learning to Love: The Art Of Receiving begins May 7th, 2019 

To discover more about how this group program can support you or to request an introduction to this work with Andrea please contact Andrea to schedule a Free Discovery Session

I offer the Discovery sessions from the deep seat of my heart and the belief in you to create the transformation you are seeking.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

All my Love,


Artwork by: Alex Alemany