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From Guidance Within is a mentorship program designed to support conscious women on a spiritual path align with their soul calling and actualize the promise of their most authentic self through their creative and professional work in the world.

This embodied journey will assist you in discovering the alignment needed to take the necessary steps forward in bridging the gap between your inner process and the outward expression of your life’s work. Bringing your unique gifts and creative vision into manifest form from a place of love, trust and belonging.

If you want to connect with and feel supported by a community of like-minded women, aspire to incorporate your spiritual practice and values into your everyday work and relationships, and feel called to align with a greater sense of meaning and creative purpose for your life then From Guidance Within is for you.

As a community of women we will hold a network of support for one another. Setting up a safe and sacred space for our work together during this time of healing and self-discovery.

Through a network of embodied practices, subtle body and energy healing, chakra-balancing, intuitive development, focusing, group work, contemplative practice, guided meditation, creative visualization and more we will unfold the frontiers of an endlessly creative, inner landscape of wisdom already within you.

A preview of the program … here