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How to Breakdown to Breakthrough: Your Beliefs Around Money and Reframe Them


How to Breakdown to Breakthrough:
Your Beliefs About Money and Reframe Them

By nature we are all creative beings. We create from within.

Deep in my bones this has always been my mission: to help restore the power of embodied wisdom, to honor the sacred teachings of the Feminine Divine and to support those who desire to come back home to themselves in truth and with love. 

A woman is by her very nature a sacred vessel of transformation. She is the Alchemist. The Healer. The Priestess. 

She is, by her very nature, far more infinitely majestic and powerful than what often the world tells her. Every little girl is a goddess in the making. It is time for women to tell the true story of who they are. To teach by example. To take full ownership of their passion, step into their life's purpose and make the contribution of a lifetime. 

This is the most sacred work we are here to do.

If you are ready to take full ownership of your creative vision and unique gifts, grow a soul centered and sustainable business, and actualize the promise of your most authentic self through your creative and professional work in the world... Join us for the online class How to Breakdown to Breakthrough: Your Beliefs About Money and Reframe Them

In this class we will create the space for you to: 

Open to Your Creative Vision for Your Work in the World

Reframe Limiting Beliefs about Money

Catalyze the Flow of Abundance in Your Life

I will also share the 7 most common overlooked steps you absolutely need to have in order to create a sustainable business that reflects your core values and soul's creative vision.

This free online class is designed to support you in breaking through limiting beliefs about money and to create a new framework for how you step into your professional and creative work in the world.

 If you are ready to expand beyond your comfort zone and fully step into your creative vision for your work in the world...  Register Here!

I hope you will join us!

All are Welcome.

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