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How to Breakdown to Breakthrough: Our Beliefs Around Money and Reframe Them


Lunar Blessings!


Back in the summer I created a free online class for Women called “How to Breakdown to Breakthrough”. It was designed to breakthrough our limiting beliefs and to create new frameworks for how we step into our lives from a place of inner alignment.

I have been talking to so many incredibly powerful and creative women with so much to offer, yet struggle to see how the larger vision for their work fits into the everyday structures of running a business that they enjoy.

Our personal beliefs around money, worthiness and belonging are inextricably linked with our capacity for growth and expansion, not only for our creative work, but also, and very much so, for the health and wealth of our professional career.

Wounding around money, worthiness and belonging is a collective experience as much as it is an individual healing journey. In this class I will be focusing on our collective and individual beliefs around money, the importance of willingness, and how to create a new framework for seeing your resources (a.k.a “money”).

During this time together I would also like to create a compassionate space for the tender fears we may have around money and talk about how our beliefs around worthiness and belonging directly impact our ability to share our work with others.

Ultimately, I hope that you will begin to see and actually feel the infinite amount of resources you already have to experience more freedom and joy in your creative and professional work. It would be lovely to have you with us. If not you can sign up to receive the recording.



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“An underlying assumption of the many Shakta texts is that the highest reality is the Great Goddess, and this infinitely great being manifest herself in a wide variety of forms. Many myths in Shakta literature describe a goddess, or the goddess, as producing other goddesses from her own body. In such cases she often announces that she assumes different forms at different times to maintain cosmic stability...texts say wherever a female being exists, there the goddess reveals herself.” ⠀