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Reiki Level Two Training & Certification

  • Soul Flyte 13 South Broadway Nyack, NY United States (map)

When we enter into Reiki training, a part of our being becomes aware again of something grand. We open past the point of what the immediate world will have us believe and see into something new. We begin to feel into a simple, yet powerful, understanding of the way things are. 

Reiki teaches us to look in between the lines of what's there, to feel into the space between our thoughts, and to touch into the space in between each other. We learn to slow down and perceive. 

Reiki provides us a way to stretch time, to open our minds, and work in the flow with universal intelligence. This simple, yet profound, practice has taught Andrea much over the last 10 years. It has revealed much about the way we perceive, sense, and feel into the understanding of our own healing journey. It has also shown our many assumptions around what we think the outcome of healing ought to be. 

Reiki has proved time and again to trust that whatever is needed will be provided. The practice reminds us that we are in a constant state of flow and that the many gifts which miraculously cross our path do so every day until we notice them. Reiki reawakens us to the given magic of universal intelligence and tunes us into the rhythm of divine connection. 

When we start to judge less, allow more, and listen in, we open up to the synchronicity that starts show up all around us. In this context, Reiki becomes a deeply transformative process for the way you see and experience the world. 

In this training, you will be initiated into Level Two Reiki, learn how to use the first three Reiki symbols, integrate the protocol for hands on healing for long-distance healing sessions, create sacred space for working with your reiki guides, and tap your own wellspring of intuitive power. As you become more deeply attuned, you gain greater insight into the nature of your own healing process and service to others. In this training, you will offer and receive Reiki healing energy, learn meditation techniques to stay grounded and centered, learn how to effectively manage your own energy + psychic space while caring for others, and deepen your connection with the flow of universal intelligence. 


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Price: $250 

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