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Akashic Records + Healing Circle


Do you long for a clearer connection to Spirit?⠀

Do you ever wonder how you can trust the voice of your Intuition?⠀

Do you struggle with feeling present, grounded and centered from within your own guided Wisdom?⠀

Trusting your internal guidance system is a skill that is as subtle as it is sophisticated. How available guidance is depends on how open you are to receiving and how flexible you are in being guided.⠀

Working with your body’s natural capacity for intuitive insight and guided wisdom is an elegant exchange of energy and connection, of offering and receiving, cultivated through a practice of delicate focus and consistent self-inquiry. ⠀

Over the years, I have found the Akashic Records to be an invaluable resource for helping others see through times of turbulence, uncertainty and change with greater clarity, confidence and ease.⠀

The Akashic Records are an embodied form of consciousness that provides us with a direct route to greater understanding and compassion. The Akashic Records are a crystalline lens through which we can be seen, heard and understood on a soul level. ⠀

Please join Abi and I on October 17th at 7-8PM for an evening of presence and connection, guided meditation and the healing guidance of Akashic Records.⠀

In this time together we will: ⠀

1. Set the intention to align with the highest form of healing and guidance available to you⠀

2. Practice sensing and discerning between different forms of intuitive insight and guided wisdom⠀

3. Learn how to work with your Akashic Records and Spirit Guides ⠀

This is a private event.


Suggested Donation $15 per person