Akashic Records Reading


Akashic Records Reading


Like a clear mirror lens, the Akashic Records reflect back what you are ready to remember.

The word “Akasha” comes from the root kāś meaning "to be visible”. The Sanskrit term is often defined as “sky”, “ether”, "primary substance" or "open space.” Reading from the Akashic field is an expansive, uplifting experience. The Akashic Records are described as an experiential body of wisdom that offers insight into the ways your life is currently unfolding. My work in reading the Akashic Records is devoted to supporting you on your personal journey to accessing more of who you already are.

I share the wisdom and perspectives that can most benefit you in your life right now. The Akashic Records are one of the most generous and benevolent modalities of healing by which we can feel seen, heard and appreciated. These readings are a way to guide you through the turbulence and uncertainty that comes with change, unveiling your specific gifts that abide within.

 After a reading, people often say that they feel calm, centered and grounded, invigorated with a renewed sense of direction and purpose. These readings can be very helpful in areas such as personal relationships, family, career, business and creative projects. These readings help us to: see the highest good in any given situation, open to the bigger picture, let go of unhelpful judgements, identify patterns that keep us feeling stuck, shed limiting beliefs, find clarity and joy, awaken feelings of acceptance and peace, understand our personal journey, find a deeper meaning to our purpose in life, refine our intuition, connect with spiritual guides, develop compassion for ourselves and others and open the gateway to new mindsets and possibilities for living a beautiful life.

Remote healing sessions are 90-MIN and are available via Phone or Skype. All you need is a quiet space. In-person private readings and gift certificates are also available upon request. Clients who schedule a reading over the phone can request a recording of our call, in order to work with the information and further deepen the healing process. 

I am deeply honored to be sharing this work with others and to be part of unveiling the more of who you already are. I welcome your questions and look forward to connecting with you soon. Thank you.


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Recent Testimonials:

"My reading with Andrea was beyond powerful. From the moment she started speaking, and opening the records, my body was flooded with energy and tingling. She is a direct line to source, and her elegant delivery of the wisdom waiting to be bestowed on you is enchanting and mesmerizing. She has a true gift, a divine connection, and a real priestess presence. This was my first Akashic Records Reading, and it was one of the most wonderful healings I've ever had. I've never felt so held, encouraged, and perfectly understanding of my experiences. I can't recommend Andrea highly enough!" - Robin Lee founder of The Babe Collective

"Andrea combines her deeply insightful wisdom and her keen intuition and caring heart to provide a reading that is immensely powerful, helpful and healing as she balances the right amount of information and process. Anyone who wants a new way to look at what they've known for a long time will benefit tremendously." - Gisele, Executive Coach

"Andrea is a gifted and wise healer. During our session together, she eloquently revealed what my heart and mind needed to hear. I felt safe and held in her presence and wisdom. I trusted her words as I could feel them resonate in my body. After our session I felt calm and peaceful. Give yourself the gift of her readings, she is a real gem." - Deborah, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Fertile Ground NYC