Photography by Leigh Aschoff |

Photography by Leigh Aschoff |

Andrea is a visionary guide who supports women on a spiritual path to align with their life’s purpose.

Andrea completed an MFA in Contemporary Art from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2003 and has been evolving her teaching practice ever since. Her work is blend of Embodied Practice, Reiki Energy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy and Guided Intuitive Coaching. 

Andrea holds a healing space with a balance of steady presence, compassionate understanding and spiritual awareness. While supporting the precious gifts of vulnerability, Andrea nurtures a healing process for her clients, encouraging their own inner landscape of guidance to unfold from within.

Andrea’s intention is to lead by example. She believes honoring the impeccable nature of the human heart is to move the entire culture of human Spirit into awakening. She believes in the healing power of love and is deeply honored to share her work with others.

From the quiet, reverent folds of her heart she extends oceans of gratitude to all of her teachers, past, present and future.